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Okay okay, it's been a year or so. No, I'm not good at marketing myself or pushing my knits. Luckily, I have repeat fans that email/text/call for orders! But I'm always knitting. This year I finish my 9th sweater, and decided I'd keep it for myself. My frenchie grandma was super impressed and I gloated about it (obviously). The yarn was bought at Urban Yarns  at a stellar price (it's Italian Fine Merino). It's been a gem. 

Birkin by Amy Miller

Birkin by Amy Miller

Another highlight is the adorable xmas ornaments I'm making. Toques, sweaters and mitts, puke-cute! All made with US grown cotton that is processed in Canada. Loving these! 



06/10/16                                                             Sale ! Sale ! Sale ! 

Hey folks, it's been awhile! How are you guys? It's getting cold out and the rain is quickly setting in. I have some new and awesome goods, as well as some good old tried and true pieces looking for new homes. My prices have lowered as I need more room for new knits! Have a look at the product pages - you might see something you like. 

Don't forget - I do a lot of custom orders. Christmas is nearing(ish), so if you'd like something, please contact me. The sooner I get started, the sooner you get your custom item. 



03/12/15                                                                    Make It! is Happening!

So many amazing vendors! Everyone was busting their butts getting their booths looking awesome yesterday. There are food trucks and a beer garden! Tipsy shopping might be a favourite of mine haha!!!! Come find me! 


17/11/15                                                      Square Cards & Custom Stamps En Route!

I've recently ordered some awesome eco-friendly square cards for the Make It! craft fair. They are made of 100% recycled post consumer waste, they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, ECF (elemental chlorine free) and manufactured using wind power. Perfect! I also ordered a custom stamp for my price tags! So exciting! If you're buying an item as a gift, throw a card in - that lucky person can find me online and see the intention, time and care that goes into every piece. See something you like, but want a different colour? Grab a card! Send me an email! Maybe I'll get me some stickers too....


15/11/15                                                                    Shawls Are Here! 

The camera is on and I'm snapping away! Big thanks to Easy Edie for posing all afternoon. These shawls are a solid favourite, stop by the new Warm Shoulders section and have a gander.                 

                                                                                                                                                                       The Gwen Shawl

                                                                                                                                                                      The Gwen Shawl


29/09/15                                                                            Labels Are In! 

The labels are in and I couldn't be happier! Each label has been hand sewn on every item - it's the most sewing I've ever done in my life! I've gotten excellent feedback, people are loving the addition. I'm so pleased!!                                       

Label on Cuff.jpg


14/09/15                                                                      New Lovely Labels!

New labels are in the works! I am elated to have found Grain DEEP, a great company based in Toronto, Canada. The samples look awesome and I can't wait to sew these beauties onto my knits. The tags are made of soft, pliable synthetic leather (vegan friendly) and are laser engraved. Keep it Canadian! 



24/08/15                                                                    Display Furniture is Painted!  

I've spent the last couple of days priming and painting all my display furniture for Make It! Vancouver. It's been a labour of love and well worth it - they look amazing! The colour theme is monochromatic black, grey and white to make those colourful yarns pop. My booth will include a toque tree, floating mannequin heads, twinkling lights, music and a marquee. More to come...  


15/05/15                                                                  Good News Everyone!                        

I am officially a Make It! 2015 vendor! The fair is at the PNE Forum and takes place December 3-6. I'm knitting as much as my little hands can handle, trying to stock up. I'll be selling toques, headbands, cowls, shawls, mittens and fingerless gloves. Make sure you come by - there are loads of fantastic vendors selling awesome art, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, accessories, food and more. Support local artists!