Odd Number Knits

Local, Laboured, Loved

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes all these knit goods?

100% Handmade by Me, Myself and I! There's no substitution for experience and passion. I've been knitting for 18 years, and my attention to detail is apparent in all my items. I particularly enjoy making complex lace patterns. 

Where do all these beautiful yarns come from?

Most of my yarns come from local sheep farms and yarn shops. I only buy high end, top quality yarns from yarn dedicated shops. I do not buy yarn in bulk, as I like to keep every piece as unique as possible. 

Can all/any items be machine washed?

Wool is mildew and mold resistant as it is a natural moisture repellent, so it requires little maintenance. Your best bet is to hand wash with a wool-friendly detergent and lie flat to dry. Feel free to contact me for further washing instructions. 

Do you make custom orders?

I do! Please contact me with details about what you'd like to have made.